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LMNET 3D Printer designed to be assembled by simple structure and portable to carry or stored in room with a high accuracy of model buliding.

(Patents pending)

Size Matters

Physical Dimension
  • W: 474 mm
  • L: 176 mm
  • H: 487 mm

How it works

Open, transparent housing, easy to observe the printing process

Punching Above its Weight

Maximum output size 20 X 20 X 18CM. Small size packs a substantial production capability

  • W: 200 mm
  • L: 200 mm
  • H: 180 mm

Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm [0.015in]

Print Speed: 100mm/s

Layer Height Setting:

High: 100 microns


Medium: 200 microns


Low: 300 microns


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